My Story

1000_susan4Hi, my name is Susan Bullin. I have become very passionate to helping everyone to start on a path so your body can begin to heal itself. To do this I would like to share my story with you. My story started in January 2006. I was working long hours, not getting the proper amount of sleep and my eating habits were very poor. I contracted bronchitis and became extremely sick. All I could think about was getting a quick fix to feel better. I went to the pharmacy to get anything over the counter that I felt would help me feel better. I just kept getting worst. I finally broke down and went to the doctor, something I hadnʼt done in along time. I explained to him that I just couldnʼt miss work, I just needed something that would make me feel better so I could function. He prescribed me an antibiotic and promised I would feel better in a few days. I questioned him on the safety of the drug and he assured me it was safe, he told me he had taken it more than one time himself. It only took me a couple of days and I felt normal again.

About 3 weeks later I started having strange symptoms. My body seemed to react badly to everything. I began to have food allergies. I had flu like symptoms. I would wake up gasping for breath. I began to get knots on my body. I started gaining weight, in 3 months I gained almost 80 pounds. For about 6 months no one could explain or find anything wrong with me except that I had just contracted allergies and I just needed to take more medication.

In December of the same year I contracted Bronchial Pneumonia and the same doctor prescribed the same antibiotic. I was sitting and watching the nightly news and had just swallowed my last dose of the 5 day regimen it came across the news that the FDA had just pulled this drug off the market because 24 people had died from taking it and it had destroyed the livers of more. It did major damage to my immune system, my digestive system and my liver.

After numerous doctor visits with every kind of specialist in the world and being told there is nothing we know to do to help you except you need to take more medicine. I decided to take control of my health. I started to pray and search for natural ways of reversing the damage and try to prevent anymore damage to my body. I did this by studying natural, alternative remedies and detoxification. It has been a long 5 years.

I know that I was given the gift to help other people with my story, I know that I am not the only one this has happened to. I also know we were created in a way that if we put the right things in our bodies and keep the wrong things out of our bodies, it can heal itself. I thank God that I am still here and pray I can help someone else.

I would like to help anyone with the tools and the information I have learned and can testify that it has helped me. I have been introduced to several doctors, companies, products and people that I would like to share with you, if you feel it could help.

In April of 2011 I was blessed with the money that allowed me to open a business to pay it forward for the Glory of God. I know without his grace I would not be here to bless other people. And as the years passed we are blessed to be in our new beautiful location among some of the greatest people in the world here in Calabash, NC.